House in Branch Hill Estate in Hampstead has been granted Listed Building Consent

Our proposed scheme for alterations to a house in the Grade II Listed Branch Hill Estate in the Redington & Frognal Conservation Area in Hampstead has been granted Listed Builded Consent. The estate is a development of 42 split level, semi-detached, 4 & 6 person, modernist houses, on a steeply sloping site, designed by architects, Gordon Benson and Alan Forsyth, then of the London Borough of Camden Architect’s department in the early 1970s for the council for their tenants, and was finally completed in 1978, which was by then a completely different social, political, economic, and cultural climate. The house has been significantly altered by previous owners, as original walls have been extended and others removed, along with the majority of the original fittings. The proposed scheme is intended to remove the incongruous existing later alterations, and to refurbish and re-fit the house in the spirit of the original scheme.


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